Colosseum tour and the Belvedere up to the Fifth Ring!

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The Colosseum and Belvedere Guided Tour

This tour includes an extraordinary guided visit to discover the imposing Colosseum and the Belvedere section of this monument. Visitors are accompanied by an expert guide for the all tour long for security reasons. Actually visitors are allowed to climb up to the Third, Fourth and Fifth Ring of the Colosseum. The group will reach the top of the Colosseum (40 metres) and there can admire a breathtaking view of Rome, of the Imperial Forum and of the Colosseum Arena.

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Language: English

Frequency: every day
Tour Departure Time: there are two time slots available.
- 10:50 am - 12:10 pm
- 12:50 pm - 13:50 pm
Once a time slot has been selected, visitors are required to accept any assigned departure time within the selected time slot. The assigned departure time will be included in the reservation confirmation voucher.
We strongly encourage you to carefully select the time slot. Once the time slot is confirmed, the departure time and reservation can no longer be altered or canceled, and no refunds will be possible.

Duration: about 1 hour and 15 minutes

Tour Price:
Full price ticket
: 25,00 euro- Reduced price ticket: 15,00 euro- Visitors 12-17 years old
 13,00 euro - Children under 12 years old: 4,00 euro 

- Children between 1 and 11 years pay 4,00 euro.
Children between 12 and 17 years old, 13,00 euro.
- Visitors 18-25 years old (European Citizens only): 
Reduced price ticket
An identity document to attest the age and the country will be required at the entrance

PLEASE NOTE: reductions for visitors 18-24 years old are reserved to EUROPEAN CITIZENS ONLY.
Children under 1 year of age enter free without any kind of ticket nor reservation.

Price includes: guide service and entrance ticket with pre-reservation including the Belvedere section.
Meeting point with the guide: Colosseum, Varco Stern in front of the Via Labicana.

Tickets for this tour cannot be modified (date or time) and cannot be cancelled. Tickets are non-refundable. In case of cancellation, penalty is always 100% of total price. 
Please note: kindly consider that this tour is very requested and the availability quite poor. This means that once your order is submitted, you should wait for the confirmation email which includes the voucher to be sure that your reservation is confirmed.
You should also be flexible in accepting variations of the tour starting time. The tour starting time will be communicated in the voucher which will be sent to you by email. The first email you receive after submitting the order is just the copy of your order, please wait for the formal confirmation voucher which will be sent as second message.

Italy Travels can sell pre-sale tickets with an advance of at least 24h before the reserved entrance.
For security reasons the Coliseum can host maximum 3.000 people at the same time. This may cause braking at the access of the museum, even for visitor with booked entrance tickets. As a result, the visitor’s access at the location may not be admtted at the scheduled time of entrance.

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Tour starting time will be communicated on the voucher sent by email as booking confirmation.


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