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Colosseum tickets, how to skip the line

Colosseum tickets. Book them in advance and save as much as three hours in line! BOOK NOW!
Are you planning a trip to Rome and want to visit its emblematic monument?
We Italians often go to Rome and go right past this magnificent monument without going inside, discouraged by the long lines of tourists.

The waiting time to see the Colosseum inside is often really long, especially in the summer under the hot Roman sun.
Rome's Colosseum is unquestionably the Eternal City's most impressive monument, known worldwide as a symbol of Rome and one of the primary symbols of Italy.
In antiquity, the Colosseum was an amphitheater mainly used for gladiator battles. These events drew hordes of spectators and were a way for the emperor to glorify himself and his power by offering his subjects these grand spectacles. Today the Colosseum welcomes millions of visitors a year from around the world!

Colosseum tickets, prices and discounts 

Colosseum Tickets Rome

There are different types of Colosseum tickets that can be booked online. A simple Colosseum ticket gives you one entrance for visitors with booked tickets to cut down on the wait.
Starting in March 2018, visitors who have booked a full ticket, i.e. full-rate adult ticket, will get a ticket to the Colosseum by email with the barcode which they can take directly to the entrance turnstile. The big news is that you no longer need to print a hard copy of the voucher to get into the Colosseum!
This cuts down entrance times to only the time needed to go through the metal detector security checks.
Visitors who book tickets to the Colosseum at a reduced rate or free need to present a voucher at the ticket office for an ID check by the Colosseum staff. This is just to make sure you qualify for the reduced price. Entrance procedures might take longer in these cases. 

Colosseum tickets — What's included

Foro Romano

The ticket for the Roman Colosseum includes entry to the amphitheater at the booked time. Visitors can enter the monument and tiers from the ground level to the two rows above. After they go through the turnstiles, visitors have 48 hours to enter the Roman Forum and the external archaeological are of the Palatine with the same ticket.
If you want a more in-depth tour of the Colosseum, you can book an audio guide with your Colosseum ticket. In this case, you also have 48 hours after entering the Colosseum to tour the other sites, the Roman Forum and Palatine Museum, both a short walk from the Colosseum.

Colosseum tickets no-line entrance 

Booking the Colosseum with tickets to enter without lines is very easy. On the website, with just a few clicks you can book quickly and securely.
Do Colosseum tickets have to be paid in advance? To get quick access to the Colosseum you have to pay for the tickets when you book. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. (if the booking date is not too close). 
Not wasting time in line is essential to completely enjoy the Colosseum tour and spend all the time you have on the tour instead of waiting. 

Colosseum tickets, entrance and guided tours

In addition to line-skipping Colosseum tickets, you can book some fascinating guided tours at very affordable prices. There are two guided tours in particular that include access to special areas of the amphitheater

The Colosseum and its Underground

The first and best-known of these is definitely the guided tour of the Colosseum and its Underground. Visitors can enter the Colosseum without waiting in line and will be accompanied by an official expert guide who will tell them about the Colosseum's architecture, its history, and guide them into its underground areas. The guided tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The price is €25.00 per adult. Once the tour is over, the participants can stay inside the Colosseum if they like and then enter the Roman Forum and the Palatine Museum with the same ticket. 

Colosseum with Belvedere

Colosseo con Belvedere

The other guided tour of the Colosseum is the Colosseum with Belvedere. This also includes the line-skipping entrance to the Colosseum, the introduction to the monument and its history and then access to the third, fourth, and fifth tiers, known as the "rings"! From the fifth "ring," you can enjoy an incredible, breathtaking view of the entire Colosseum and all of Rome. Those who love photography and special views will not want to miss it!
Last thing to say, during the Summer, you can also enjoy the night tour of the Colosseum, an amazing, romantic  experience!


How to choose the correct ticket for Archaeological museums in Rome

Half price ticket: for 18-24 year olds from the European Union with documents.

Free ticket (reservation only)
Kids and children under 18 (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult). Identity document is required.

Teachers pay full price tickets. Only Italian teachers can benefit from free tickets.

Disabled people and one accompanying person enter free and do not need any reservation. Documents attesting disability will be asked at the entrance.



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