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The Vatican Museums is a special place because is the meeting point of many stories, each one for every masterpiece here kept. Vatican museums of Rome are surely famous for the ancient history that they contain. However, in this museum we do not find just masterpieces coming from old ages very far from us.

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What gives distinctiveness of the Vatican Museums in Rome is the presence of the Collection of Contemporary Art. This Collection of Contemporary Art comprehends paintings, graphic art and sculptures of more than 250 international artists, which formed a corpus of almost 800 works. Among the artists, we find masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Otto Dix, Giorgio de Chirico and Salvador Dalì. The connection between Art and the Church began with Pope Paul VI, that in 1964 invited the artists of those years in the Sistine Chapel. The finality of this exhibition is that Vatican Museums of Rome intent to conserve them “in the name of the Italian State.”

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The area covered by this exhibition at the Vatican Museums in Rome is a large area, but the visitor will have all the time to see it as with our vouchers s/he can jump the line avoiding to wait at the entrance, fact that permits to save precious time and dedicate it to see the numerous masterpieces. Many of these masterpieces have a religious background, as the famous and beautiful Pietà of Vincent Van Gogh, where the subject of the Christ among the arms of his mother is enriched by the personal touch of the master Vincent van Gogh, which made one of the most touching picture that a museum has ever contained. You cannot miss this sight, book a ticket for The Vatican Museums Rome


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