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Visit the Vatican Museums

Visit the Vatican Museums useful tips

So many options. Choose the one that's right for you.

Italy Travels offers different options for visiting Vatican Museums based on the needs of each visitor.

The primary requirement of those who want to visit the Vatican Museums is not to queue up at the ticket office. In fact, it is known that the Vatican Museums are among the most visited museums in the world and that long queues often form at the entrance. What are therefore the possible options?

Vatican Museums skip the line tickets

The easiest thing is to book a ticket to the Vatican Museums online.
The booked ticket entitles you to enter inside the museum from an access reserved only for booking holders.

The ticket to the Vatican Museums with reservation can also include the audio guide reservation. The audio guide is a useful tool that guides the visitor inside the museums and accompanies him by commenting on the exhibited works and the palaces that frame the museums, as well as focusing on the history and origin of the collections
The audio guide lasts about ten hours and it available in different languages including German.
The route can be managed by the visitor who is autonomous in choosing what to listen to and in what sequence

What do the Vatican Museum’s tickets include?

The Vatican Museum’s tickets include admission with access to all open sections of Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Tickets entitle you to enter the museums at the booked opening hours and to stay inside the museums until the closing time.

Does the Vatican Museum’s tickets include St Peter’s Basilica?

The Vatican Museum’s tickets do not include admission to St Peter’s Basilica which is also free. As a concession to the Vatican, visitors can use the internal passage that connects the Vatican’s Museums to St Peter’s Basilica, named Scala del Sacramento. Access to this passage remains a concession of the Vatican itself and not a right acquired by the visitor in possession of the ticket to the Vatican’s Museums. if, therefore, this passage was closed or unusable by decision of the museum management or due to the marriage needs of the holy father, the visitor wishing to access the basilica will have to exit the museums and reach it on foot from outside and nothing will have to claimed.

Vatican Museum’s tickets: evening visit

An opportunity not to be missed is visiting the Vatican Museums during the summer evening opening. Every Friday night, from April to October, the Vatican Museums can be visited even after sunset. The advantage of visiting the Vatican Museums during the evening opening are many.
The first reason is that the museums in the evening are certainly much less crowded than the usual daytime opening. In addition, seeing the Vatican Museums under the moonlight and the lighting game specially created, it is certainly an unforgettable experience.
Lastly, the Vatican Museums management organizes a series of concerts every year inside the Vatican's courtyards, to which participants can attend at no extra cost.
The concerts are scheduled approximately every month. The program is available and accessible on request. The ticket for the Vatican Museums under the stars is the same as the ordinary ticket.

Vatican Museums Guided Tour

Needless to emphasize the fact that museums should be visited in the company of an expert guide being a treasure chest of art unique in the world and very dispersive. The best choice is to book a guided tour. The guided tours of the Vatican Museums are organized both in groups and in privateThe duration for a visit that embraces the most famous works of the Vatican Museums, culminates and ends with the entrance to the Sistine Chapel, is about 3 hours.