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These tickets allow visitors to visit the Borghese Gallery at the reserved time slot.
Pre-reservation is warmly reccomended as a limted number of visitors are admitted every time slot.

Full Ticket:
ticket 15,00 euros + reservation 2,00 euros + 3,50 euros online fee
Half Tickets:
ticket 4,00 euros + reservation 2,00 euros + 3,50 euros online fee
Free Ticket:
ticket 0,00 euros + reservation 2,00 euros + 1,50 euros online fee
Price tickets may change when temporary exhibitions are planned.

Address: Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5 - 00197 ROMA

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Last entrance time 5:00 pm. Admission every two hours.
Closing: Mondays, 1st January, 1st May and Christmas day.
Visitors must arrive at the tickets office 30 minutes in advance for check-in procedures.

HOW TO ARRIVE: Underground Line A: nearest stop Flaminio or Spagna;
 Bus n. 116;
 88, 95, 490, 495. 

Children: children 4-18 years old must book a "under 18 ticket". Children 0-3 yeras old free.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Borghese Gallery is particularly crowded and a limited number of visitors are admitted for each time slot. In high season, the on line availability could not be confirmed.
For this reason once your order is submitted, you should wait for the confirmation email which includes the voucher to be sure that your reservation is confirmed. Kindly be flexible in inserting multiple time slots choices.

Italy Travels cannot be held responsible for partial closing museum rooms, itinerary variations inside the museum, cancellations or entrance delays due to unaspectable events, strikes or decisions taken by the museum direction or by the Ministero dei Beni Culturali or by the Sovraintendenza delle Belle Arti.  

Galleria Borghese Tickets Roma


The Borghese Gallery is located  in Villa Borghese, a gorgeous estate once belonging to the Borghese family. The villa is surrounded by a great park and is situated just 10 minutes by bus from city centre. 
The Borghese Gallery houses a substantial part of the Borghese paintingssculptures and antiquities collection,

begun by Cardinal Scipione BorghesePope Paul V's nephew. Among the most important masterpieces displayed, there are some of Caravaggio's most famous paintings, such as the Madonna of the Palafrenieri, the Boy with a basket of fruit, David with the head of Goliaththe Deposition and the Portrait of a Gentlewoman both painted by Raphael, some of the most important sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, artworks by Titian and Piero della Francesca and the worldwide known statue of Paolina Bonaparte by Antonio Canova

Michelangelo Merisi, a genius named Caravaggio

Caravaggio was born in Milano in 1571. His family moved to Rome a few years later.
Formatives years of young Michelangelo Merisi are still covered by shadows uncertainties. Caravaggio had been working for about eight years in Giuseppe Cesari’s workshop, the last exponent of the late Roman Mannerist culture. 

Caravaggio, Galleria Borghese Bacchino Malato.22.59

In this period Caravaggio painted flowers and fruits compositions: works considered at the time of little significance, but very much in demand on the market practiced especially by Flemish. His working relationship with Cesari was interrupted soon and Caravaggio decided to work by himself. Before getting into relationship with cardinal del Monte, he painted “some pictures from him in the mirror portraits”. This is Baglione’s opinion, a famous art critic. It’s about a technique remembered mostly from the sources regarding the instance of some Nordic artists. 

The reflection in the flat mirror circumscribes the fragment of nature and allows us to better understand its relationship with the atmosphere in terms of light and shadow.
Compositions of mythological-allegorical character have been attributed to this practice (with allusions to the transience of life or youth or to disillusionment), as the Ragazzo con la canasta di frutta (Galleria Borghese, Roma), the Bacchino Malato (Galleria Borghese, Roma) and the Ragazzo morso da un ramarro (Uffizi, Firenze).
In these paintings Caravaggio represents, with passionate adhesion to the optical and natural "truth" of the image, figures of adolescents in attitudes sometimes taken from ancient or Michelangelo models, with flowers, basket fruits and crystal decanters. 


How to choose the correct ticket for Borghese Gallery

Half price ticket: for 18-24 year olds from the European Union.

Free ticket (reservation only)
Children under 18 years old (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult).
Children under 4 years old enter free. No reservation is need for them.

Teachers pay full price tickets. Only Italian teachers can benefit from free tickets.

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The Borghese Gallery museum is very crowded and available places are very few. Therefore, we suggest you to insert an alternative date or alternative entrance time for your visit, if possible. On-line availability is usually updated, but in rare cases, some availabilities changes may occur in a few seconds and your first choice could not be confirmed.



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Children under 6 years of age enter free. No ticket/reservation needed.