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The Vatican Museums is a special place because is the meeting point of many stories, each one for every masterpiece here kept. Every masterpiece has a different story, for the place and the period of its recovery, the artist who made it and the owner who had it before being acquired by Vatican Museum.

Vatican Museums and its sections

At the Vatican Museums in Rome one of the best sections to be seen is the Belvedere Palace. This is an outdoor part that is famous as it was the place of the Apollo del Belvedere, now transferred inside the museum. At the beginning of the 18th century this statue was chosen as the perfect example of beauty and proportions. Ironically, on the 16th century when it was found, the statue received little attention from the artists of the time. Today the situation is of course changed, as one of the artists who made restauration to the statue was Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, one of Michelangelo’s co-workers. If you visit our site you will find many options to book related to the Vatican Museums.

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The Garden of Vatican Museum, which is called Cortile del Belvedere, is a wide area divided in four sections. Walking through the garden the visitor will note the perfect perspective, on which all this area was projected. The sight of the visitor embraces the garden, overcomes the limits of the garden itself and touches also the Dome of Saint Peters. It will end on the huge pinecone of the garden, or Pigna, drawed by Claudio Bramante. This pinecone was an ancient fountain, so ancient that it was known also at Dante’s time, as he inserted a few verses about this architectonical detail also in the Divine Comedy.  You can enjoy this sight anytime by visiting our site and reserving a no line ticket for Vatican Museums, or a guided tour
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