Castel Sant'Angelo and the Pantheon Private Tour

Castel Sant angelo tour privato


Castel Sant'Angelo and the Pantheon Private Tour

A guided tour to discover two famous monuments of Rome: the fortress of Castel Sant'Angelo and the Pantheon, the first ancient papal fortress on the bank of the Tiber, the second one of the most famous buildings of antiquity in the world. The visit starts from Castel Sant'Angelo, and then proceeds to the Pantheon, about twenty minutes on foot.


PRIVATE TOUR: Castel Sant'Angelo and the Pantheon
DURATION: about 3 hours
PRICE INCLUDES: private guide (3 hours), entrance tickets with pre-reservation (no queue) to Castel Sant’Angelo, Pantheon entrance ticket and guided tour.
AVAIBILITY: every day except for the first Sunday of the month, 1 January, 1 May, 25 December.
STARTING TIME: this tour can start from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. Sunday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

CHILDREN: children under the age of 4 are allowed on the tour for free and do not need any reservation. Children from 4 years up to the age of 18 participate in the tour paying a reduced rate. (Identity document required).


Tour Itinerary: Castel Sant'Angelo and the Pantheon

Il Pantheon di Roma Tour Privato

This tour combines the visit of Castel Sant'Angelo and the Pantheon, and lasts about 3 hours.
The visit can be customized according to the needs of visitors.

The tour starts from Castel Sant'Angelo, the guide will focus on the history of this ancient fortress, especially on its external structure: the particular shape of the monument and the strategic importance of its position.
The visit then proceeds inside the building, where you will discover the different functions that Castel Sant'Angelo has had over the centuries.
The guide will continue the visit through the various passages and rooms, up to the wonderful terraces. Here you can enjoy a breath-taking view of Rome and the Tiber.

Once the visit to the castle is over, the guided tour proceeds towards the Pantheon walking along the Lungotevere and the streets of Rome.
The shortest route is via the striking Ponte Sant'Angelo, which offers an excellent view of the Castle in the foreground.
Ponte Sant’Angelo is the most famous and photographed bridge in Rome thanks to its imposing architectural structure and to the presence of majestic winged statues in white marble, from the Baroque period, which flank the side of the bridge. The statutes that decorate the majestic Ponte Sant'Angelo represent precisely the angels; different from each other, these works were created under the guidance of one of the most important sculptors of the time, Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Once you reach the Pantheon, the guide will make you appreciate the architectural features of this unique monument in the world, a masterpiece of engineering of the time. The circular structure of the central body contrasts with the colonnade with Corinthian columns, surmounted by a pediment typical of the Greek temples. Equally characteristic is the dome, famous for the presence of the oculus at the top (the main source of natural light), and for its interior decoration of five orders of coffers.
The tour ends inside the Pantheon. Here you can admire the richly decorated floor and walls.

Pantheon Tour con guida privata


Our guides in Rome

Italy Travels tour guides staff is represented by licensed guides of great experience and high level of professionalism, competence and excellence on their job. All Italy Travels guides are authorized by the provincial administration of Rome and most of them are art historians and teachers in art subjects.
All guided tours organized by Italy Travels always include pre-reserved museum tickets when museum tours are included in the tour itinerary. In this way visitors avoid waisting time waiting in line in front of museums ticket offices.

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