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Vatican Museums Tickets


Vatican Museums tickets, why you should book them?



Vatican Museums tickets — Do you really need to book them in advance? The Vatican Museums are definitely among the most visited museums in the world. More than six million tourists flock to the Vatican's beautiful museums every year. Especially from March to late October, the Vatican Museums are always really crowded, as visitors from every corner of the world flock here.

We highly recommend booking Vatican Museums entrance tickets for visitors who want to get the most of their visit to the museums. A tour of the Vatican Museums runs the risk of being exhausting. Especially in the summer, the rooms and galleries to go through are really crowded, it's often hot and the distances to walk can be considerable. That makes it all the more important to avoid starting out already tired by having waited for two or three hours in line. 


Vatican Museums tickets, definitely book in advance, but how far in advance?

Vatican Museums skip the line tickets

It's hard to say exactly how far in advance you should book tickets for the Vatican Museums. If you want to visit the museums on a Saturday during the high season or on long weekends or holidays, like Easter, Christmas, or on August 15, we suggest booking them at least 10 days in advance.

Tickets to the Vatican Museums what's included

The tickets for the Vatican Museums, booked on-line, include entrance to all open sections of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. They also let you skip the line at the ticket office. Visitors that have booked can take advantage of reserved access to the Vatican Museums. This lets you save 2 or 3 hours waiting outside, especially from March to October.

Many people ask if you can visit the Sistine Chapel buying a ticket that only lets you into the marvelous chapel, the jewel in the Vatican Museums' crown. The answer is no: the Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums. To visit the Sistine Chapel you have to have an entrance ticket to the Vatican Museums.

Visit the Vatican Museums

Visitare i Musei Vaticani

One of the features that first strikes new visitors to the Vatican Museums is that it really is a collection of museums, not just one. To see them, you have to go from one building to the next, one area to the next. The route is often unclear and unprepared visitors can easily get lost.

There are several information points at the entrance that give out free maps of the Museums. Along the route, signs show you the best or shortest way to the Sistine Chapel, or to get there with the perfect itinerary.

An excellent tip is to rent an audio guide  that will orient and guide your visit. The audio guide costs €7, is available in several languages and is about 10 hours long. The itinerary can be chosen by the visitor, choosing the route they prefer. You can listen to the audio guide choosing the rooms and the works you want. 

 Tickets to the Vatican Museums, are the Vatican Gardens included?

giardini vaticani

The tickets to the Vatican Museums do not include entrance to the Vatican Gardens. These lush, beautiful gardens form the backdrop of many windows in the Vatican and galleries that visitors of the Vatican Museums go through during their visit. But to enter and visit the Vatican Gardens, you have to book a special ticket that can include either a minibus tour with recorded audio guide or a full-fledged walking tour with a guide through the gardens. For more information, click on VATICAN GARDENS

Free Vatican Museums tickets

There are no free tickets for the Vatican Museums. In addition to the full adult price there are reduced price tickets. There are reduced tickets for minors between 6 and 17 years old and students between 18 and 25 years old with a student card. There are also special prices reserved for groups, school groups, pilgrims, and visitors belonging to the religious orders. 




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