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The Full Experience combination includes entry to the Roman Forum, House of Augustus, Palatine Hill and Palatine Museum (upper floor)

  • Availability:

    Every Day (except for 25 Deecmber and 1 January)

  • Quick Access:

    Skip the line to the Colosseum


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    Voucher on cell phone accepted**
    If your booking includes reduced entries (reduced or free tickets) you will need to print the voucher you receive by email and go to the booked ticket office to check the documents of those with reduced or free tickets. All instructions will be printed on your voucher. Attention!! During post Covid period, only electronic vouchers on mobile devices are accepted for any ticket category.


  • One entrance to the Colosseum and one entrance to the Roman Forum, House of Augustus, Palatine Museum, Palatine Hill and Santa Maria Antiqua

  • Quick Access to the Colosseum

  • Access to the Attico (upper floor), First, Second and Third Tier of the Colosseum


  • Guided tour

  • Acces to the Underground Area

  • Quick Access to the Roman Forum 


The ticket is valid for 2 days. The time booked is the entrance time to the Colosseum, printed on the voucher, and must be respected.
The ticket may be used on the same day and on the following day to visit the other above mentioned sites included in this reservation.


Full tariff from € 24,00
Reduced tariff from € 2,00
Free tariff from € 0,00

The price of this offer includes: the entrance ticket with scheduled booking for quick access to the Colosseum, entry to the Roman Forum, the House of Augustus, Santa Maria Antiqua, Palatine Museum (upper floor) and Palatine Hill.


Instructions for entry are printed on the voucher that will be sent by email to confirm booking and vary based on the type of booking. 

Piazza del Colosseo - Rome 
Metro: Line B Colosseo Stop
Bus: n.75 - 81 - 673 - 175 - 204
Tram: no. 3


The Full Experience ticket is valid for 2 days from the first entrance and includes: an entrance to the Colosseum with a non-guided tour of the ATTICO (upper floor - 8 people each 15 minutes) , an entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine archaeological , on entrance to the Palatine Museum (limited to the second level); house of Augustus (limited to the external part with the possibility of overlooking the cubicle and the study); Santa Maria Antiqua with Domitian ramp.

Warning! starting from October 1st, the closing time of the other sites included may be earlier.

Visits with the panoramic lift to the intermediate gallery between the 2nd and 3rd order and from there to the attic of the Colosseum are scheduled every day of the week from 8.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The visit is open to all and there are no architectural barriers up to the intermediate gallery, which can be walked through its entire length; access to the third order is currently only possible by climbing a few steps: a dedicated hoist will be installed shortly. Visiting the attic, instead, remains possible only by climbing steep steps.

Along the entire route, panels in Italian and English have been installed in five stages illustrating the highest levels of the Colosseum's cavea.


January 2 to February 15 -  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
February 16 to March 15 - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
March 16 to the last Saturday of March - 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Last Sunday of March to August 31 - 8:30 am - 7:15 pm
September 1 to September 30 - 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
Last Sunday of October to December 31 - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Ticket Office closes 1 hour prior.
Holiday Closure: New Year's Eve and Christmas Day.


Full ticket: € 22,00 + € 2,00 reservation fee
Reduced ticket: € 2,00 + € 2,00 reservation fee
Free ticket: € 0,00

Reduced (half)
EU citizens 18-24 years
Chidren: 0-17 years


Entry tickets to the Colosseum, once booked, may not be changed in any way or canceled.
Visitors who come after the time printed on the voucher or are no-shows will not have access to the site and will receive no refund, even partial.

Once booked, these tickets cannot be changed. We, therefore, suggest you pay very close attention during the online booking process when choosing the date, time, and type of tickets.


Backpacks, suitcases, or large bags may not be brought in the sites. Animlas non allowed.
The ticket allows you to access to each site only once.
The time given with the booking is for the Colosseum.
You must go through security checks at the metal detectors. The wait for these mandatory procedures cannot be avoided.
Do not forget to bring a valid identification card or valid passport (one per person).
Inside the Colosseum, you can purchase an audio guide for an additional €6. The audio guide is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese. If you want to book a ticket with audio guide and quick access, click here TICKET FOR THE COLOSSEUM WITH AUDIO GUIDE

For safety reasons, the Colosseum can hold a maximum of 3,000 people at a time. This rule may cause delays in entering the site even for booked visitors. As such, the end client's entry to the site at the booked time cannot be guaranteed.
Italy Travels is not responsible for any partial closure of rooms, itinerary changes, cancellations or delays in entry due to force majeure, adverse weather, personnel strikes, or decisions made by the management of the museum or the Superintendency.

Handicapped visitors

Disabled People and one accompanying person enter free and do not need any reservation. Documents attesting disability will be asked at the entrance. 

Description of your booking

Your booking to visit the Colosseum gives you access to one of the world's most popular monuments and minimizes your wait at the ticket office.
Book your visit online, choose the date and time of entry to the Colosseum.
You will receive an email with a copy of your online order and then only later your ticket. If you order after 6:00 pm in the evening (Rome time), you must wait for the next morning to receive your ticket or our message which will inform you when you will receive the ticket.

If you booked tickets only for adults at full price, you will receive an electronic voucher that you can show at the Colosseum turnstiles and enter directly. If your booking includes reduced entries (reduced or free tickets) you will need to print the voucher you receive by email and go to the booked ticket office to check the documents of those with reduced or free tickets.

All instructions will be printed on your voucher.

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How to choose the correct ticket for Archaeological museums in Rome

Half price ticket: for 18-24 year olds from the European Union with documents.

Free ticket (reservation only)
Kids and children under 18 (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult). Identity document is required.

Teachers pay full price tickets. Only Italian teachers can benefit from free tickets.

Disabled people and one accompanying person enter free and do not need any reservation. Documents attesting disability will be asked at the entrance.

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