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Booking an entrance to the Ara Pacis, visitors can see this extraordinary monument and eventual temporary exhibitions organized in the homonymous complex, project by Richard Meier.

Address: Lungotevere in Augusta (corner Via Tomacelli) – Rome

Closings: January 1, May 1, December 25

Available times: everyday from 09:30 am to 07:30 pm. The ticket is a one-day ticket that permits the entrance from 09:30 am until closure. The museum closes at 7:30 pm. The ticket office closes at 06:30 pm.

Full ticket price: 14,50 € per person (11,50 € + 3,00 € reservation fee), except compulsory extras for temporary exhibitions.

Children: Children under 6, get in free and they do not have to make a reservation.
Free tickets: disabled and accompanist; tourist guides of the European Union, tourist interpreters of the European Union, members ICOMOS, members ICOM and ICCROM and members of foreign and national cultural institutes such as Academy Lincei, Roman Studies Institute, Friends of the Museums of Rome.

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“When I returned to Rome from Gaul and Spain, the Senate decreed that there should be consecrated an altar to the Augustan Peace in the Campus Marzio and he ordered the magistrates and the priests to celebrate every year a sacrifice”.
it is with these words that August has handed down the will of the Senate to build an altar to Peace, as a result of companies working on their completed in the North of the Alps between 16 and 13 B.C..
The inauguration of the Ara Pacis occurred on January 30, 9 B.C.
This magnificent monument was built in the north of Campus Marzio, recently urbanized. The altar dedicated to Peace stood in the middle of the vast plateau where traditionally taking place the maneuvers of the army, the cavalry and the gymnastic exercises of the Roman youth.

The expected of the Ara Pacis was rebuilt thanks to the testimony of sources and studies during the excavations, as well as representations of Roman coins.
The Ara Pacis is composed of an enclosure almost squared with marble, elevated on a low podium; inside, above a staircase, it stands the altar real. The surface of the enclosure is decorated with relief. In the scenes, the depth of space is obtained by different thicknesses of the figures. The Ara Pacis is a key monument of Augustan public art, with motifs of different origin: the classical greek art (in the friezes of the processions), hellenistic art (in the frieze and panels), roman art (in the frieze of the altar). The appearance was, so, eclectic and the creation was the work of greek shops. 


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